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September 1st Projections & Rankings Update

Published on September 1, 2017, by in NFL.

The spreadsheet has been updated with September 1 data. Changes:

  • Projected 2017 stats from Yahoo*
  • Standard & PPR ECR Rankings from Fantasy Pros
  • Change in Rankings (Fantasy Pros is the most useful)
  • Injury Status (Q/O/Susp/PUP)

Go to the stats spreadsheet permalink.

* Next year other sources for projections will be considered, because Yahoo keeps altering their website (likely to prevent data scraping) and their projections (via Rotowire) are rarely updated. For example, only a handful of players have different stats compared to the August 22nd projections, and a glaring omission is that Games Played shows 16 for all players, despite suspensions and injury updates, and few players had any stat updates.

Note: This will be the final update of the season.


August 22 Update – Offensive Projections and Rankings

Published on August 22, 2017, by in NFL.

Preseason week 2 is in the books, so it’s a good time to update the NFL offensive stats spreadsheet for those with early fantasy draft dates.

The spreadsheet has these updates with August 22 data:

  • Projected stats from Yahoo.
  • Standard & PPR ECR Rankings from Fantasy Pros
  • NFL Injury Status (Q/O/Susp/PUP)
  • Strength of Schedule

Go to the stats spreadsheet permalink.

For those who are curious, Yahoo! changed their website again, making this update more time consuming than it should have been! I’ve also removed the prior rankings (so no delta/change will appear) because Yahoo’s projected rankings were all over the place, but I will add them in the next update after the weekend. The next update will come after the weekend.


2017 NFL Historical and Projected Stats Spreadsheet

Published on August 10, 2017, by in NFL.

Is it August already? It took a little longer than usual, but the first stats spreadsheet for the 2017/18 NFL season is now available.

There are no changes from last year, but in an effort to get it this out quicker, the first version only includes Yahoo! rankings. Yes, Yahoo! projections aren’t the best (whose are?), but I know many are still on Yahoo! leagues (as well as ESPN, CBS, and Fox), but they’re still a good source for scraping detailed actual stats.

As usual, the spreadsheet includes links to Yahoo! player profiles, customizable scoring settings and projections. IDP stats will be updated in a week, as I’m swamped at the moment.

Get the new Excel workbook here: 2017 NFL Historical Stats with Projections

I’ve also updated the Draft Board Tool and update the updated and downloadable NFL schedule grid (with the two renamed LA teams) and bye weeks.

As promised, this site is ad-free and will stay that way. It takes a lot of time to put these sheets together, so if you find it useful, buy me a coffee via PayPal, or share this on reddit or twitter means a lot.


IDP 2015 Historical Stats & 2016 Projections Added

Published on August 30, 2016, by in NFL.

The IDP (Individual Defensive Players) spreadsheet has been uploaded! Gathering data and updating these spreadsheets is time consuming but I finally set aside a few hours to get the data for you.


  • Detailed player positions broken down by LB/DT/DL/CB/S and LB/DL/DB
  • Detailed stats including Tackle for Loss, PD, Return Yards, Turnover Yards
  • Custom rankings with formulas that auto-rank by position
  • Games Played and Points Per Game (PPG) Analysis & Rankings Formula

Note: This will be the only update for the IDP sheet. As in previous years, it only contains historical stats from 2015 as projections are difficult.

Open data for all!

Get the IDP historical stats spreadsheet here:
IDP 2015 Historical Stats Spreadsheet w/ 2016 Rankings


2016 Offensive Stat Projections Updated

Published on August 26, 2016, by in NFL.

The main spreadsheet has been updated with new projections and rankings as of August 23 (after Preseason Week 2).

Note: The rankings from haven’t been updated, as their website is still showing the old rankings from weeks ago. The FantasyPros ECR Top 20 (from 2015 draft) have been updated, including a visual indicator of the change from the last update (movers & shakers).

What’s changed?

  • Fantasy relevant players added to the bottom
  • Injury notes from CBS

Get the updated NFL stats spreadsheet here:
2016 NFL Projected Stats w/ 2015 Historical Stats


2016 NFL Stats Spreadsheet Just Released

Published on July 27, 2016, by in NFL.

That’s right, it’s July and I’ve already got the 2016 stats spreadsheet updated with actuals & projections, almost three weeks earlier last year 🙂

Fantasy football has blown up recently, and as fantasy matures, pools have been getting more complex. Rest assured we have all the detailed stat categories from last year including 1st Downs, Targets, Rush Attempts and Games Played.

And as always, I’ve included links to Yahoo! player profiles, customizable scoring settings and projections. Note: IDP stats will be updated in mid-August.

Get the offense stats Excel sheet here: 2016 NFL Historical Stats with Projections

And don’t forget to check out the Draft Board Tool as well to help you on draft day!

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Final Pre-Kickoff Stats Update of the Year

Published on September 3, 2015, by in NFL.

The fantasy football cheat sheet has been updated once more for those of you with late draft dates.


  • Updated rankings & projections as of 3:30PST
  • Updated injury notes
  • Added a PPG column

Observations on rankings changes since one week ago:

  • Downtrend: Melvin Gordon, CJ Spiller, Desean Jackson, Rashad Jennings, Brandon Lafell
  • Uptrend: Jamaal Charles, Brandon Cooks, Chris Ivory, Mike Wallace, Boldin, N. Agholor
  • My sources haven’t updated from Tom Brady’s status change. Make a note!

Thanks for all your support this year! This will be the last update to the spreadsheet this year.
Happy pooling!

Get it here:
2015 NFL Historical Stats with Projections
2015 NFL IDP Defensive Player Stats (2014 Season Actuals)


2015 Offensive Stats Updated, IDP Stats Released

Published on August 29, 2015, by in NFL.

The 2015 NFL Stats Spreadsheet has been updated, hopefully in time for your late fantasy draft date!

What’s changed?

  • Fantasy relevant players added
  • Injury notes
  • Bye weeks fixed

And I finally sat down for a few hours to get the Defensive Players (IDP) stats for you. Linebackers, defensive ends, cornerbacks and safeties, it’s all there with tackle stats and more!

Get them here:
2015 NFL Historical Stats with Projections
2015 NFL IDP Defensive Player Stats (2014 Season Actuals)