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NFL Stats Spreadsheet 2014

Downloadable 2014 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to prepare for your fantasy football draft!

  • 2013 Historical NFL Stats
  • 2014 Projected Fantasy Stats Updated 8/24 with FantasyPros ECR
  • Enter your own fantasy football league’s scoring settings!
  • New stats this year: Sacks Taken & Total Fumbles
  • Added 8/20: Games Played & Games Started
  • Links to Yahoo! Sports Player Profiles
  • Movers & Shakers: Projection change since the last update
  • NFL Schedule Grid, Strength of Schedule & Bye Week Quick Reference
Download the FantasyCube NFL Spreadsheet

Screenshot of the NFL stats Excel worksheet:
nfl stats excel thumb

Projections from freely available sources including Yahoo!, ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

***** Change Log *****
2014-08-24 Rankings Update

– Updated FantasyPros Projections (Standard & PPR) using ECR (Expert Consensus Ranking), since that’s what everyone is using these days (versus my previous preference, Top 20 2013 Draft). With ECR, QB’s drop several rankings. Also set the prior rankings to the same as it doesn’t make sense to compare two different types of rankings.
– Yahoo! projections and % Owned have not changed, looks like their database doesn’t update very often! (to be fair, their rankings are from Pro Football Focus)
Download Fantasy Football Stats 2014 – Offense (

2014-08-20 A BIG Update
– Updated Yahoo! and Consensus Projections, with delta change since June 19th’s update. Projections take a LONG time to update, thanks for your patience 🙂
– Added 2013 Games Played & Games Started (source: Pro Football Reference. This was quite a task as PFR lists the player under their 2013 team, and for players who were traded midseason, the team name shows as 2TM!)
– Added Points Per Game Played to 2013 Historical Stats.
– Updated Yahoo! % Owned
– Added a few basic player notes (injuries, rookies). Sorry if I missed any, it’s not meant to be a comprehensive list.
– Added the following players who are now ranked in the top 300: A. Williams, C. Michael, R. Hillman, K. Britt, A. Holmes, A. Hawkins, C. Polk, J. Grimes, B. Brown, L. Dunbar, T. Underwood
– A commenter asked how to update their spreadsheets after an update. I’ve tried to make it easy this time by leaving the players in the same rows. Any player that dropped out of the top 300 have been given a ranking of 300 but remain on the list for this reason. I also didn’t re-sort, so you don’t have to do any VLOOKUP’s to update your own customized sheets, just copy and paste. This might result in some season ending injuries staying on the list. If this is your first time using the spreadsheet, ignore this and sort by Y! Projections.
– Apologies for not having full player names this year, my main data source cuts them off when I add all the stat columns.
– Removed all affiliate ads and added a donate button. If you can’t donate, please share & Tweet this or in the comments.
Download Fantasy Football Stats 2014 – Offense (

– Maintenance release. Calculation now set to Auto (somehow it got set to manual, so F9 was needed to recalculate)
Download Fantasy Football Stats 2014 – Offense (

– Initial release for the coming 2014/15 year with 2013 season stats.
Download Fantasy Football Stats 2014 – Offense (

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

    Limo Software

  • Jamie

    could you add rushing and receiving first downs to the spreadsheet (new yahoo! scoring option)? Spreadsheet is great!

    • zeneight

      Thanks for the kind words! That’d be a great stat to add, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to get to it this year unfortunately.

    • Patrick Rutherford

      How would you even project that? So many variables in there that might be useless to project other than a RB with higher yards will get more first downs.

      • Thanks for the kind words! That’d be a great stat to add, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to get to it this year unfortunately.

        • Lee

          i also see offense proj tab, and offense 2013 tab. both have settings for you to input league value. which one tab is better for us to use if you want it to create the custom cheat sheet ranking design specifically for your league’s setting??

  • Tom

    Thanks so much, I used your spreadsheet as one of my major sources of research last season and I dominated my league. I’ll certainly be downloading again!

    • zeneight

      Thanks Tom! Really appreciate the kind words.

    • Thanks Tom! Really appreciate the kind words.

      • Lee

        anyway of making it automatically know which site or allows you to choose a site like copy and paste the site link you taking the projected stats from and based on that it will auto populate into the columns that you created. example it will automatically know for total rushing yards to place the number on column x , passing yards in column s, etc??

        i say at least yahoo and espn seems to be the most popular site for fantasy games.

        • We do this project in our spare time and don’t get paid, so although I’d like to, and have looked into it, it would take more resources. If you find a site that has this, let us know! But thanks for checking us out.

          • Lee

            cool. how is the scoring setting that lets you input any number in there works? i’m trying to understand the formula i just have a spreadsheet with stats from my own but i want to see if i can create a cheat sheet with my own projection and i dont understand how to create the cells u did for the scoring to let you input any number and then it does the calculations?

          • Hi Lee, sorry I thought I replied to this long ago!
            The scoring settings at the top are multiplied by every stat line. So set rushing TD to 4pts, the formula will total it up for you. Yardage stats are different though, i.e. rushing yards = 10 means 1pt for every 10 yards. Negative numbers are allowed as well, i.e. for fumbles lost.

  • John

    Hi there,
    Are the projected stats from Yahoo? Do you plan to add projected stats from other sources, or just rankings?
    Thanks for saving me a lot of time!

    • zeneight

      Hi John, yes the projected stats are from Yahoo! If I have time, in 2 weeks rankings from other sources will be added, but I won’t be adding other projections unless someone wants to help with that!

    • Hi John, yes the projected stats are from Yahoo! If I have time, in 2 weeks rankings from other sources will be added, but I won’t be adding other projections unless someone wants to help with that!

      • Lee

        how do you tell which site the projected stats are from? and is there any way you plan to show how we can re-update the spreadsheet for next year rankings like instructions on how to do that?? and also the reference sheet how do you generate the strength of schedule? is there a formula to use or mostly found online from other sites??

        • Cell G4 says “Y!” and the comment on mouseover says it’s the Yahoo! projections as of the last updated date.
          Later this month we’ll update it with updated projections. Every year a new version with new rankings is released.
          SoS is calculated based on FP against rankings from a combination of other sites and is not exact as every league has different settings. I’d use SoS in a toss up situation between 2-3 players and if one guy is playing against SF or SEA in Week 14…

      • Lee

        also can you add in the Position and team name next to player name?? i’m assuming after we input the stats for our league. this cheat sheet we will be mostly sorting by most fantasy pts and then picking players base on that??

        • Hi Lee, sorry I don’t understand the question? The position is in column B and team in column C?
          Yes after you input your settings, the total FP column will be calculated, then you can click on AH4 and sort it.

          • Lee

            Sorry, I didn’t see the position and team name is already there. I just scroll across and then the columns for the team and pos got cut off cause my pc screen is too small.

            For the cheat sheet, I just wanted to know how to we use it to draft a team after inputting the scoring setting for our league do we sort the cheat sheet by fantasy pts to draft our team?? and which tab do we use there is offense proj tab and offense 2013 what is the different between using those two when we put the scoring that my league uses??

          • Lee

            Please advise someone. I am drafting a team really soon.

          • Hi Lee. Yes, enter your settings then sort by Total Fantasy Points. The 2013 actual stats is for reference and as far as I know, is not available anywhere else as comprehensively. Many people make their own projections based on both the sheets. There is no “one way” to use this spreadsheet. Good luck!

          • Lee

            TY! And will there be a quick short/guide on how to create the formula to make the cell input any entered value into sheet like the one you created on the above spreadsheet, i created some random spreadsheet with players stats made from my own projection and wanted to be able to make it work for the cheat sheet i created.

  • Devin Jordan

    I’m not asking for you to give away the ingredients to the sauce, but do you base these projection on a statistical formulas or through a “free hand” method?

    • cking6178

      he doesn’t hide his formulas, you can see what he’s doing to come up with his projections.

  • B Eldred

    Quick question….once I alter the form with my info, will an update then wipe out everything and I’ll need to re-enter it or how does that work? (LOVED last years sheet and used it for most of my draft research, ended up winning my money league!)

    • Yes an update will be a new spreadsheet and since both sheets are sorted by Yahoo projections at that time, it would change the orders in the next update. I could probably do it better, i.e. sort alphabetically or by last year’s total FP, but then new players can creep in there (rookies) while others drop (season ending injuries) so I don’t think I’ll change it.
      You could do a VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH on the player name to update the values so your notes and any personal projections are retained. Open to any ideas however!

      • cking6178

        a VLOOKUP using “false” as the argument on the player name, should work just as well….that will eliminate the ‘messiness’ of the index/match…

        Great stuff Victor! I have been keeping my own personal historical data, but changed jobs and computers this year, so I lost my spreadsheet…

        Do you by chance have historical data going back further than 1yr?

        • The last two years of offensive stats are under the archives! The columns differ though as I add more stats.

    • Just an update for you, the latest version leaves every row intact so you can easily copy and paste the new projections in.
      If you want to add the new players, copy the entire bottom rows as well.
      Hope that helps!

  • JookyDFW

    Looks like games played has been dropped from the 2013 historical stats.

    • I should have that in the next update in a few days. I can’t pull those off my main source, so it takes a bit of time.

    • Games Played & Games started has been added in the most recent offense spreadsheet.

  • Rob

    Last year I won my league because using this spreadsheet. really helped my draft research. THANK YOU!! I altered the spreadsheet a bit to show both last years stats and this years projections on the same tab/sheet/printout.

    When you show projections for ‘Std’ and ‘PPR’, what site are those from?

    • Glad you find it useful! That’s the beauty of spreadsheets, you can make them look how you want! Those projections are from FantasyPros.

      • Rob

        Do you think youll update this workbook anymore before week 1?

        • I just updated it today, but I don’t think I will update again as I’m going away for the long weekend. Sorry!

          • Rob

            No problem this update was perfect. I was just wondering if there was any reason for me to wait for another update next week or something. Doesnt look like it needs anything as of now!

  • Rob

    Update is BIG, Thanks again

  • Rob

    What does Sks represent? under Passing stats

  • ali

    Is there a way to add bonus points into the league sitting so it could calculate the projections more accurately?

    • It depends how the bonus points are setup in your league. You can add your own stat categories by inserting a column and adding that total to the Total Fantasy Points formula using the same format (make sure to use the “$” absolute references where needed).

  • Excited to try this out, as Yahoo has really locked down their data this season. I’m completely unable to pull lists & need to apply my league’s scoring, as it’s now considered unconventional.

    That’s why I love your table w/ the editable scoring values!

    Could you give me a quick run-down of what each field in Row 2 Cols. S thru AI represent? Thank you so much for your help!

    • It’s used to calculate the “Fan Pts” (total Fantasy Points) in the rightmost column. Enter your league’s scoring settings, i.e. 4pts Passing TD, -1pt INT. Yardage stats like passing yards are points per #, i.e. 25 is the default, so 1pt per 25yds passing.

      • Aaand, I just noticed that the headers are BELOW the field… lol. It takes me a while. Thanks for the great tool & the help!

  • Paul

    This is incredibly valuable data to pull together! Thank you. Quick question and sorry I probably missed it in the notes somewhere – how exactly are the projected yards / catches / TD’s derived? Is it an average of the sites / experts you mention or is it your own projected totals? Thanks Again.

    • No worries, I didn’t document this spreadsheet very well as it originally started for my own use! Which also explains why projected stats are all from Yahoo, since all my pools are Yahoo pools. Their projection rankings are pretty bad but it is useful because that’s the order they appear in the draft. The average sites / experts is FantasyPros Top 20 Draft from last year, but I will change it next time to ECR, since that seems to be what everyone is using these days.

  • Brandon

    Would be awesome to include number of targets for the WR’s. So it’s easier to predict the involvement of free agent acquisitions and what not.

  • SnarkySqueege

    I cannot tell you how badly I wanted to make a spreadsheet of all these stats, like you’ve done here, but I just didn’t have the time. You are a life saver and hopefully a fantasy saver for me! If I couldn’t find a sheet like yours, I might have not done fantasy this year… Very thorough, in depth, and the links to players pages is spectacular! Thank you so much Victor/FantasyCube.

  • David

    Thanks for this spreadsheet, it is amazing, just what I needed before my draft.

  • Paul

    any chance you’re doing this again for 2015 season with 2014 data?

    • zeneight

      Hi Paul, just updated! Thanks for checking in!

      • Paul

        Thank you very much! This tool was hugely helpful last year and I’m excited to dig back in!

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