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NFL Stats Spreadsheet 2016

Downloadable 2016 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to prepare for your fantasy football draft!

  • 2015 Historical NFL Stats
  • 2016 Projected Fantasy Stats with Yahoo! and FantasyPros rankings!
  • New stats added: 1st Downs, Targets, Games Played, Sacks Taken
  • Enter your own fantasy football league’s scoring settings!
  • Injury notes (updated Aug 30)
  • Links to Yahoo! Sports Player Profiles
  • Movers & Shakers: Projection change since the last update
  • NFL Schedule Grid, Strength of Schedule & Bye Week Quick Reference
Download the FantasyCube NFL Spreadsheet

Screenshot of the NFL stats Excel cheat sheet:
Screenshot of NFL Stats Excel Spreadsheet

Projections from freely available sources including Yahoo!, FantasyPros, ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

Note: Players that are ranked lower than 300 or have dropped out of the rankings have been left with a ranking of 300. Fantasy irrelevant players remain on the spreadsheet because they appeared in the first release (July 27), making it easier to update projections on your own after new releases, as players remain in the same rows.

***** Change Log *****
2016-09-01 Minor fix: Corrected projected stat for the last row. Added formulas on Offense_2015 sheet to link Scoring Settings. No stats updated.
2016-08-30 Update #2: FantasyPros Rankings, CBS Injury Report and Y! Projections updated as of Aug 30. 23 players added.
2016-08-23 First major update. Injuries, projections, FantasyPros rankings updated (Yahoo’s have not, their site wasn’t updated) and a few new players.
2016-08-02 Minor fix w/ Dez vs Des Bryant’s injury status (no version change)
2016-07-27 First release of the 2016 season
– Initial release for the coming 2015/16 year.

*** Get notified first by email when updates are released. ***

  • Michael

    Thanks for all of your hard work on this sheet. It is extremely helpful. One update you may or may not want to make is that Desmond Bryant, the defensive end for the Browns, is out for the 2016 season with a chest injury, not Dez Bryant of the Cowboys.
    Thank you again!!

    • Good catch! Excel lookup functions are no match for the human eye! Uploaded and fixed. Thank you for taking the time!

  • Scott

    Will this be updated at all anymore with rankings?

  • Kevin

    Where did you pull the 2016 stat projections from? The stats I downloaded from are different, for instance A. Brown is only projected for 122 receptions and 1630 yards compared to 133 and 1857. I know they are projections, but would like to know where you got the information.

    • Player stat projections are from Yahoo! (who in turn get them from Pro Football Focus). Std & PPR Rankings are from FantasyPros using ECR Top 20 draft from the prior year. Hope that helps!

  • I won 2 leagues with this data last year, (Fantasy Cube & Prediction Machine) one TD Heavy Keeper and one Standard. Cube helps me as I can easily substitute my TD League’s differences.

    Thanks! Donating this year!!

  • Tom

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the download?

    • Hi Tom, if you’re on Windows, you should be able to double-click the ZIP file and the .xlsx is inside. With Mac, you can open it and it’ll auto-extract. Let me know if you still have issues. Otherwise with older operating systems, you can get a third party archiver like the free 7-Zip.

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