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NFL Stats Spreadsheet 2013

Downloadable 2013 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

** Updated August 29th with games played, bye weeks, updated projections, and more! (see change log below)**

Use this spreadsheet to prepare for your fantasy football draft!

  • 2013 Projected Fantasy Stats
  • 2012 Historical NFL Stats (w/ GP & byes)
  • Enter your own fantasy football league’s scoring settings!
  • Links to Yahoo! Sports Player Profiles
  • Movers & Shakers: Projection change since the last update
  • Filter by position
  • Create your own notes
  • NFL Schedule Grid and Bye Week Quick Reference
  • Strength of Schedule
Download the FantasyCube NFL Spreadsheet

Screenshot of the NFL stats Excel worksheet:
nfl stats excel thumb

Projections from freely available sources including Yahoo!, ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

***** Change Log *****
– Fixed the bye weeks. The 2012 schedule snuck in there on the last update. Sorry! (Thx Ngan for pointing this out)
– Re-uploaded due to caching issue, and fixed one player’s GP.
– Added bye weeks (for JB) and games played (for TB)
– Added Projection change. Shows a green or red icon (in Excel 2010+) based on the change from the last update (Aug16)
– Updated all Projections
– Added a Points Per Game (PPG) calculation for last year’s stats for you injury hounds
– This will be the last update other than minor bug fixes. I’ve left out a few borderline players like LaRod Stephens-Howlings because you just shouldn’t draft him. Actually, it’s because Yahoo changed their stats page for the worse (not to mention the black background), so it takes time and the long weekend is coming up 🙂
– Updated Yahoo! Projection Stats & Rankings -thx Rob!
– Fixed player hyperlinks and removed some unavailable players from projections.
– Updated all three Projection rankings
– Updated with 2013 Schedule & bye weeks
– Updated with 2 more projections: Draft Expert Consensus Standard Scoring & PPR. Thanks, Stephen B.
– Updated with 2013 NFL projected stats and actuals, with links to Yahoo! player profiles.
– Archived 2012 NFL stats spreadsheet.
– Rankings / Projections updated, re-sorted by this rank. Fantasy irrelevant players removed.
– Updated player notes w/ RB handcuffs.
– Fixed sort filter.
– Initial release.

  • Steve

    This is by far one of the best spreadsheets I’ve found. I would tell all my friends about it, but it could give them an advantage! lol… THANKS!

  • Todd

    This is awesome! Do you have one with the 2013 projections?

  • Rob

    I would love to have a projections spreadsheet like this, will you be updating all of the rankings as well, it seems like the RB rankings listed are from 2012

    • zeneight

      Yes we’ll be updating those as well. Last year was our first year so we neglected to put the year, thanks for catching that!

    • Yes we’ll be updating those as well. Last year was our first year so we forgot to put the year, thanks for catching that!

    • Rankings have been updated!

  • roger

    will this be updated throughout the 2013 preseason and season?

    • Yes, I plan on updating the projections one more time around the 3rd week of August, with my own notes as I plan my own drafts.

  • Rob

    This is amazing, exactly what i need. Very well done. What I really wanted and now have is the 2012 stats for all of the players. you have gained a fan. Thanks again!

  • Stephen B

    This is a great spreadsheet, Good thing I found this while googling excel version of states and projections because this just saved me a ton of time doing the same exact thing. One question, would you consider adding the projections from ESPN as well? I think it would be a good idea to have two sources of projections since the projections are what we are basing our draft picks on and thus our entire season.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I like your idea to put another projection, but unfortunately ESPN’s are labor intensive to get. I’ll look into adding quality rankings from another site though once I get the IDP’s up.

    • Two new Projections columns have been added. Download the new spreadsheet to see them.

  • Delvin Jennett

    This is awesome!!

  • 6ord


  • Rob

    Typo on Ryan Fitzpatrick Stats. Hes not the starter so i dont think hell have over 300 completions this year lol

    • Good eye, thanks Rob. The Yahoo! projections have been updated, as well as a couple of other minor fixes.

  • TB

    any chance of adding “Games” to the 2012 tab? I like to see Points Per Game

  • miotch1120

    amazing tool, excited to not be fumbling around with stacks of papers this year! i noticed differing colors in some columns, like position rank, do the different colors mean anything?

    • On the IDP defense spreadsheet, the colors are suppose to differentiate the positions (DL/LB/DB). There is a bug though with the conditional formatting where it’s not working for all players, I’ll get to that on the next update.
      Column M (Rank Differential) uses a color scale, with a higher intensity the larger the difference. I’ve put this in the tooltip too.

  • JB

    Anyway to include bye weeks on the projections for this year? Nice work on the spreadsheet. Thanks

  • Jordan

    This is great! Thank you! Do you have the stats from 2011 or earlier posted anywhere on this site?

  • phigknotpig

    Awesome resource! Thanks for putting this together.

    How did you import the original data into your spreadsheet? I’m a nerd for data, and I’ve looked for NFL data before in spreadsheet form but never found anything satisfactory (until now).

    • Thanks! Really appreciate that, and glad you find it useful.
      I wrote a macro to scrape data from Yahoo, as both my pools are there, but it could be done from other sites. Yahoo is a bit annoying as it doesn’t have the bye week and GP data, which is missing in these spreadsheets, as others have pointed out.

  • Larry


    Thanks a lot for the spreadsheet. JW if you are going to update it within the week as my draft is on the coming Sunday. I see that a few players are missing.

  • joe

    you’re awesome

  • Jesse

    Great Job!

    But the defenses and the bye weeks are not updated. Other than that, its fantastic.

    • Thanks, you’re right. Try again, it was a strange WordPress caching issue even though I cleared it.

      • Jesse

        Still not available

        • Can you provide more detail? Try hard refreshing your browser. Bye weeks are on the projected tab for offense, I’m not updating the defense sheet. .The link for offense spreadsheet should be tagged with “Aug28”.

          • ngan

            The bye week are wrong. Aaron Rodgers Bye week is 4, not 10.

          • You are right, the 2012 schedule snuck back in there somehow in my haste. Thanks for pointing this out, it’s been fixed. Sorry if this affected anyone’s draft negatively :/

  • Rob

    On your defense ‘reference sheet’ It has Philadelphia as the 3rd ranked Defense and the jets as the 4th. While Arizona and Denver are 20th and 21st. that cant be right.

    • Good eye. Somehow the old schedule snuck back in there. This has been fixed, thanks for letting me know!!

  • Chris Chavez

    This in incredible! Thank you

  • JeBuS

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the 2012 stats are all messed up. I’m not sure where it went wrong, exactly, but the first thing I noticed was Andrew Luck listed as RB. Then it seems like Matthew Stafford has his QB stats. Then, well… things go downhill from there.

    • Hi Jebus, thanks for checking out the sheets.
      I can’t replicate the problem, and checked all positions and they are accurate.
      Can you explain how to reproduce this? Entering different values in the Score Settings doesn’t affect positions or sort. How are you sorting? Some versions of XL may try to sort by row 1 instead of row 4 with the headings as I’ve set it up. Thanks!

      • JeBuS

        I don’t have it open right now, but if I remember correctly:

        Open spreadsheet
        Go to 2012 sheet
        Change Passing TD to 6 in Score Settings
        Click the dropdown on total points and select Sort Largest to Smallest (the list of sorted columns showed that all were selected)

        Once it had done that, the stats were all mixed up, it seems.

        This was in Excel 2010

        • Thanks for taking the time to list the steps. I can’t replicate it however. The autofilter on Fan Pts works as long as there are grey down arrows on every column from A to U. Do you have the latest version as I may have messed it up on a prior version and ommitted cols A to C?

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