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NFL Stats Spreadsheet 2015

Downloadable 2015 NFL Stats Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to prepare for your fantasy football draft!

  • 2014 Historical NFL Stats
  • 2015 Projected Fantasy Stats with Yahoo! and FantasyPros rankings!
  • Enter your own fantasy football league’s scoring settings!
  • New stats this year: 1st Downs & Targets
  • Injury notes (updated Sep 3)
  • Stats added last year: Games Played, Sacks Taken, Total Fumbles.
  • Links to Yahoo! Sports Player Profiles
  • Movers & Shakers: Projection change since the last update
  • NFL Schedule Grid, Strength of Schedule & Bye Week Quick Reference
Download the FantasyCube NFL Spreadsheet

Screenshot of the NFL stats Excel cheat sheet:
nfl stats excel thumb

Projections from freely available sources including Yahoo!, ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.

***** Change Log ***** (Join the mailing list to be first to be notified of updates)
2015-09-03 Final update of the season
– Projections updated. You might want to make a note on Tom Brady, my sources haven’t reflected his new status.
– PPG column added
– Injury notes and rankings updated
– Triple checked the bye weeks 🙂
2015-08-31 Minor update.
– Fixed bye weeks. Gremlins!
2015-08-29 Minor update.
– Removed a link to an external spreadsheet that shouldn’t have been there. So minor I didn’t change the filename.
2015-08-28 Updated projection stats and rankings.
– Added injury notes. Added players Fixed player bye weeks.
2015-08-12 First release of the 2015 season
– Initial release for the coming 2015/16 year with 2014 season stats.

  • Scott McKissack

    It only opens in read only mode???

  • Bryan

    Great tool! Plan on making an update anytime soon? I noticed the bye weeks were incorrect (maybe last years?) and I didn’t see green-beckham or funchess on the list? Now that Funchess is the assumed #1, I would assume he would move up

    • zeneight

      I’ll fix those issues and have an update out before the weekend. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Those players weren’t in Yahoo’s top 300 two weeks ago, but now they are so they’ve been added. I also fixed the bye weeks, thanks for the note!

  • Truth Teller

    Great spreadsheet,

    Will you have an update including injuries before the weekend?

    • zeneight

      I will have an update by the weekend, but no injuries unless someone can help out with that! Thanks for positive words!

      • Truth Teller

        Do you think you could release it before tomorrow? Just want to have it rdy before my draft. No worries if you can’t.

  • Tony

    i used the following link for injuries

    • I’ve used your link and updated the spreadsheet with these injury notes. Thanks for the feedback, Tony!

  • Lee

    how you make this spreadsheet i’m trying to understand the formulas and stuff….

  • Mike

    How do you download the spreadsheet?

  • C

    all the bye weeks are wrong.

    • Fixed just now. Thanks for the note. Major apologies, thought I fixed this before but an old version snuck in there.

  • Don

    Man this is awesome! Any idea when the next update will come? I have my last draft Sunday and I’m definitely going to use this even if it takes me the rest of the week to figure out how to update it myself Haha. Wish I had this earlier. Great job.

    • zeneight

      Glad you like it! I’ll be doing one final update at by mid-day tomorrow.

  • Matt

    Do you do anything like this for the prospects coming up to the NFL? I joined a Dynasty league last year and something like that would help cionsiderably for this year’s rookie draft.

    • Victor | FantasyCube

      Hi Matt, I do not, it’s strictly historical stats. Cheers!

    • Hi Matt, I do not, it’s strictly historical stats. Cheers!

  • Jeremy

    Hello – when will you have 2015 actuals loaded?

    • zeneight

      I’m aiming for mid-July!

  • Gbolahan Idowu

    Thanks!! this helped me out a ton in my drafts last year. ended up in first place in both of my leagues and owe it to this tool. Would there be a spreadsheet released for 2016?

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